Trout Fishing in New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned as one of the best trout fishing countries in the world. Trout are plentiful in most of our lakes, rivers and streams. Rainbow and brown trout exist in good numbers in most waters, and various methods can be used to catch them. Whether you are after adding in a day or two’s fishing to add to your hunting trip or just want to come out just to fish, we can take you out on an adventure chasing the ever-wily trout. Fishing in New Zealand is administered by local Fish & Game departments. Each region has different seasons and regulations; to fish freshwater fish in New Zealand requires a license obtained either online from Fish and Game or a local Hunting and Fishing store.

Non Residents fishers require either a 24 hour fishing license $ 25 for adults or $ 7 for a junior or a Non Resident whole season license $160. If you are heading to a region you are unfamiliar with, please ask your guide or contact Fish and Game New Zealand. Most waters in New Zealand are in the public domain. Many are easily accessed via public right of way and the Queens Chain. Others can usually be visited through landowner permission.

Options for Fishing

Option one

Heli fishing For larger groups of fisherman 2- 4 plus guide north Canterbury, return drop off and pick cost for the helicopter between NZ $2,330 and NZ$2,330 (guiding fees and licenses for one fisherman plus guide north Canterbury, return drop off and pick cost for the helicopter between NZ $1,580 and NZ$1,680 (guiding fees and licenses excluded).

Option two

Heli fishing For one fisherman plus guide for a full day helicopter fishing Central Canterbury up two and a half hours fishing time $3,100 (guiding fees and licenses excluded) for larger group’s price by inquiry.

Option three

Jet Boat either stay overnight at a hut or return the same day NZ $480 return trip. I can take up to 5 fisherman same price (guiding fees and licenses excluded).

Option four

Vehicle trips Drive out and walk for the day fishing either a high country or low country river costs include only guiding fees and licences.